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Computer Science & Engineering

CS Department



To create and disseminate knowledge to meet the needs of IT industry and community at large and foster the students in the skills and passion to contribute and engage with the world.




  • Global outlook and action, offering our faculty and students a global passport to learn and work.
  • Urbanizing in orientation and creativity, reflecting and shaping the society of the 21st century
  • Integrating the different talents of students in multi disciplinary team approach with project focus and management.
  • Preparing students for professions of the future.
  • Training and monitoring the faculty and students through in-house talent for research.


Programs Offered


Name Of The Course


Year Of Commencement

B.E. In Computer Science & Engineering


1984 – 1985

M.Tech In Computer Science & Engineering




Program Outcomes (PO’s)

PO 1: Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Computer Engineering to identify, formulate and solve any engineering problems with varied complexity.

PO 2: Design and develop a system, component or process to meet the desired needs within the realistic constraints to solve the real-time problems for betterment of society.

PO 3: Design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data.

PO 4: Communicate and Present the information effectively.

PO 5: Use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

PO 6: Handle various technical, administrative and managerial responsibilities successfully in any organizations globally.

PO 7: Get Recognize as successful Entrepreneur globally.

PO 8: Demonstrate commitment in handling any responsibilities with professional, ethical and social importance.

PO 9: Engage in lifelong learning to upgrade their engineering skills consistently.

PO 10: Adapt to any working environment of heterogeneous and multidisciplinary teams with good sustainability and high performance.

PO 11: Clear successfully the competitive exams for placement, higher studies and government services.

PO 12: Understand and demonstrate the impact of engineering solutions in a global , economic , environmental and societal context.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

PSO 1: An ability to design and develop hardware and software in emerging technology environments like cloud computing embedded products and real-time systems. (Orientation towards Systems Programming)

PSO 2: Knowledge of data management system like data acquisition, big data so as to enable students in solving problems using the techniques of data analytics like pattern recognition and knowledge discovery. (Orientation towards Data Sciences)


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Professional Forum


  • ISTE Student chapter conducted in the department
  • Workshop and seminars are being conducted on regular intervals




  • Aiming to improve the department as center for an excellence.
  • To offer quality education to the students.
  • To develop a nodal center for Research programs.
  • To widen the scope for the women of this region by promoting Entrepreneurship, Creative talents and Technical skills in the field of IT.
  • To provide 100% placement in national and multinational companies.
  • To develop user friendly software and customer services.
  • To impart
    • Skills in analyzing user requirements and designing appropriate software solutions.
    • Skills in designing and creating complex software systems to solve real world problems.
    • Skills in evaluating and using basic and advanced software engineering environment, design methods and programming languages.
    • Skills in evaluating and responding to recent trends in software development.


Salient Features


  • In house training during even semesters.
  • Mini-Projects for every practical subject.
  • Intern-Ships in Pre-Final year.
  • Industries based project work during final semester.


About Us


The Computer Science and Engineering Department established in the year 1983 is one of the largest premier departments having state-of-the-art infrastructure facility. It imparts an outstanding educational opportunity for those planning to pursue a career or to gain in-depth knowledge in computing technology.

A degree from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from this institution prepares you for some of the latest, most dynamic and exciting careers of today and tomorrow. Besides, it also places you on a way to become a leader in the field of Information Technology so as to face typical situations you come across in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.

The department has well equipped laboratories with computers having optimum configuration and the latest versions of software required to train the students as expected by industry. The Internet facility with around 150 machines networked and connected to a broadband dedicated line is also provided to enable convenient browsing for students and staff.

Besides, the department is endowed with highly qualified and dedicated faculties having hands on experience on a wide range of areas like networking, cryptography and security, databases, data mining, software engineering, computer architecture, compilers, operating systems, programming languages, artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision, algorithms, parallel/distributed computing and much more. Apart from these, the faculties are also encouraged to attend training programs, seminars and workshops to acquire the latest skills in the field of Information Technology and to impart the same to the student community.

Above all, the department also provides opportunities that help the students to promote organizational and leadership qualities apart from exposure to the latest technological advancements which is need of the day.

M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering course was added to department in the academic year 2011-12 with an intake of 18 students with a view to build a vibrant learning environment through value based academic principles where in all involved shall contribute effectively and efficiently with all responsibility to prepare students to meet the global challenges related to IT world.

The PG Department is housed in a separate PG block in the campus and has state-of-the-art infrastructure including sophisticated computer lab comprising sufficient number of Higher-end architecture machines fully equipped with the requisite software that fulfill the academic and industrial requirements. A separate high-speed Broadband connectivity is provided for PG students to cater their needs for Internet access and other applications.

The Department has a separate library facility to all research scholars. A team of dynamic, experienced and highly accomplished faculty members who can impart an adequate knowledge to mould the students to industry standards while encouraging them to learn the leading Technologies in the IT field which is the major strength of the department.




The Department conducts Technical quiz, Symposium and Conferences every year to enhance the talents of the students. These are great boons to the improvement of the technical expertise of our future engineers. Besides, these events are of immense help in rendering leadership and crisis management qualities. The Department is organizing various activities and technical events on continuous basis leading to better groomed engineers.

The department also works very actively to prepare the students by training on soft skills, mock interviews, group discussions, industrial visits, project demonstration and seminars. Due to the perseverance in training and placements, many of our students have been and are being placed in well reputed companies like Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Indian army, HCL, Tech Mahindra, L&T, IBM, etc..


Teaching Faculty Details


Sl.No. Faculty Name Designation Exp. in years Qualification Contact No. & Email ID
1 Dr. Nagabhushana Prof & HOD 14.02 B.E, M.Tech (CSE), Ph.D. 9483772688
[email protected]
2 Dr Aravinda T V Professor 8.07 B.E, M.Tech (CSE), Ph.D. [email protected]
3 Sri Krishnareddy K RDr. Krishnareddy K R Professor 23.08 B.E. M.Tech (SACA), Ph.D. [email protected]
4 Sri. B E Ramesh Asso. Prof. 18.04 M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
5 Smt Basantha KumariSmt. Basantha Kumari Asso. Prof. 19.03 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
6  Sri. Gururaj T Asso. Prof. 15.03 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
7 Kumaraswamy HSri. Kumaraswamy H Asso. Prof. 12.07 B.E. M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
8 Sri. Poral Nagaraj Asso. Prof. 25.02 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
9 Smt Shruthi M KSmt. Shruthi M K Asso. Prof. 15.05 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
10 Smt Beena SherilSmt. Beena Sheril Asst. Prof. 17.02 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
11 Sri Neelakantappa T TSri. Neelakantappa T T Asst. Prof. 5.07 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
12 Sri Dharaneesha H DSri. Dharaneesha H D Asst. Prof. 6.07 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
13 Smt Vijayalaxmi A HSmt. Vijayalaxmi A H Asst. Prof. 5.07 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
14 Sri. Avinash G M Asst. Prof 4.07 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
15 Sri Shambulingappa H SSri. Shambulingappa H S Asst. Prof. 4.05 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
16 Sri Praveen SSri. Praveen S Asst. Prof. 4.05 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]
17 Nishkala H MSri. Nishkala H M Asst. Prof. 2.06 B.E, M.Tech (CSE) [email protected]


Technical & Non Teaching Staff Details


Sl No.

Faculty Name


Exp. In Years



Sri. Nijagunadev M

System Analyst

32.03 Years

B.Sc., Dca


Sri. Syed Sha Ali Hussaini


28.11 Years

Dip In E&C

Dip In H&Nw


Sri.Thipperudraswamy N


13.07 Years

Dip In Mech


Sri. Suresh R


11.10 Years

Dip In Cs


Sri. Virendra vinay


3.07 Years

Dip In Cs


Sri. Hanumanthappa H


37.01 Years



Sri. Kalleshi N


28.03 Years



Sri. Arun Kumar C


16.01 Years



Smt. Nagarathnamma S


18.11 Years



The Department Is Equipped With Following Labs
  • Advanced Computer Lab
  • Advanced Application Development Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Basic Application Development Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • Computer Organization Lab
  • Research and Development Lab
  • Tech (CSE) Lab

Computer Graphics Lab

Computer Graphics Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Ada Lab


Ccp Lab


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