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A committee of dedicated and highly experienced faculty looks after the welfare of our students and chances are you will meet with a member of SJMIT at some point in your college career. The mission of student support system is to enhance the academics, personal, and overall development of the student’s career. Through student support system, you can also participate in events and activities designed to help you make the most of your study and leisure time at college and can visit for advice on any of the following matters.

  • Professional advice, support and guidance in academic and non-academic matters
  • Appeals and grievances
  • Issues related to student accommodation
  • Participation in social and recreational activities
  • Joining the Student Council or a student clubs or society
  • Alumni interaction

Code of Conduct for Faculty & Staff


Counseling is aimed at making students take responsibility for their own decisions, to become more aware of their personal resources and to be more able to cope with all aspects of life. The college has a dedicated counselor who instills confidence to students by offering guidance and support to students at every stage of their institute life and helps them to explore, clarify, understand and overcome any problems or concerns that may affect their study. Our counselor also provides special assistance at times of crisis and with long-term issues, including personal relationships and financial difficulties.

Following is the list of faculties :

Department Of Civil Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. B C Shanthappa M.Tech (Structures), Ph.D Principal & Hod
1. Halaswamy C H M.E Asst. Professor
2. Jagadeesh B M M.E Professor
3. Jagadeesh V S M.Tech Professor
4. Yashavanta J M.Tech Asst.Professor
5. Subramanya.P.G M.Tech Asst.Professor
6. Shankar.G.S M.Tech Asst.Professor
7. Thippeswamy G R B.E Asst.Professor
8. Hussain Imran K M M.Tech Asst.Professor
9. Meenakshi M M M.Tech Asst.Professor
10. Naveen Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor
11. Anusha V M.Tech Asst.Professor
12. Pushpa S Daddi M Tech Asst.Professor
13. Pramod  P S M Tech Asst.Professor
14. Siddalingeshwara D  H M Tech Asst.Professor
15. Bindu V M Tech Asst.Professor



Department Of Mechanical Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. Jagannatha N Ph.D Professor & Hod
2. Dr. Manohara.H.R Ph.D Professor
3. Gururaja K K M.Tech Professor
4. Tharesh S M.E Asso. Professor
5. Rudraswamy M K M.Tech Asso. Professor
6. Madhu K C M.Tech Asso. Professor
7. Satish.J. M.Tech Asst. Professor
8. Rajesh A M M.Tech, M.B.A Asst. Professor
9. Vishwanath D M.Tech Asst. Professor


Department Of Electrical Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr.Kumarswamy B G M.E, Ph.D Professor & Hod
2. Vani H V M.Tech Asso.Prof
3. Jayadevamurthy M R M.Tech Asso.Prof
4. Chandrashekhar Kambali M.Tech Asst.Prof
5. Manjunatha S C M.Tech Asst.Prof
6. Sushmitha Deb M.Tech Asst.Prof
7. Maruthi Naik R.K M.Tech Asst.Prof
8. Prashanth Kumar H K M.Tech Asst.Prof
10. Sanjay Kumar K M.Tech Asst.Prof
11. Sudha T M.Tech Asst.Prof



Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Siddesh K B M.Tech, (PhD) Asso.Professor & Hod
2. Pushpa K G M.Tech Asso.Professor
3. Pavithra A P M.Tech Asso.Professor
4. Roopa.S. M.Tech Asst. Professor
5. Sridhar S N M.Tech Asst. Professor
6. Farzana Parveen M.Tech Asst. Professor
7. Jayadevappa R S M.Tech Asst. Professor
8. Lava Kumar T B M.Tech Asst. Professor
9. Pavan Kumar D M.Tech Asst. Professor
10. Sudarshan M. K M.Tech Asst. Professor
11. Sandeep V R M.Tech Asst. Professor
12. Tanuja T M.Tech Asst. Professor
13. Chetan S M.Tech Asst. Professor
14. Smt. Deepashree K V M.Tech Asst. Professor
15. Yogesh Gujjar C J M.Tech Asst. Professor
16. Raghu S M.Tech Asst. Professor
17. Nandini G R M.Tech Asst. Professor


Department Of Computer Science Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. Nagabhushan M.Tech, Ph.D Professor & Hod
2. Dr. Aravinda T.V M.Tech, Ph.D Professor
3. Dr. Krishnareddy K R M.Tech, Ph.D Asso. Professor
4. Ramesh B.E M.Tech Asso. Professor
5. Basantha Kumari M.Tech Asso. Professor
6. Gururaj T M.Tech Asso. Professor
7. Kumarswamy H M.Tech Asso. Professor
8. Poral Nagaraj M.Tech Asso. Professor
9. Shruthi M K M.Tech Asso. Professor
10. Beena Sheril M.Tech Asst.Professor
11. Neelakantappa T T M.Tech Asst.Professor
12. Dharaneesha H D M.Tech Asst.Professor
13. Vijayalaxmi A Hiremath M.Tech Asst.Professor
14. Avinash G M M.Tech Asst.Professor
15. Mahaveer M.Tech Asst.Professor
16. Shambhulingappa H S M.Tech Asst.Professor
17. Praveen S M.Tech Asst.Professor
18. Nishkala H M M.Tech Asst.Professor


Department Of Automobile Engineering
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Bharath P B M.Tech Asso.Prof, & Hod
2. Nagaraj T M.E Asso.Professor
3. Shivakumar S P M.Tech Asso. Professor
4. Prabhuswamy G S M.Tech Asst. Professor
5. Nagaraj B M.Tech Asst. Professor


Departments Of Basic Science


Engineering Physics
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Puttappa B M.Sc Professor & Hod
2. Devika B G M.Sc Asst.Professor
3. Shashidhar A P M.Sc Asst.Professor


Engineering Chemistry
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Revanasiddappa K C M.Sc Asso.Professor
2. Dr. Niranjan E M.Sc, Ph.D., Asst.Professor
3. Harish B M.Sc Asst.Professor


Engineering Mathematics
Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr.Lokesh H J M.Sc, Ph.D., Asso.Professor & Hod
2. Dr.Ganesh kumar K M.Sc, Ph.D., Asst.Professor
3. Raghu S M.Sc Asst.Professor
 4. Vidyarani N J M.Sc Asst.Professor

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