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Engineering Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1988 and has been providing inputs both in theoretical and practical training of chemical reactions to the under graduate technocrats. The faculty members are highly qualified, well experienced, dedicated and competent. The department focuses on applied chemistry and environmental engineering.

An innovative program at post graduate level of clinical research started in the year 2009.the department offers M.Phil and PhD programs. Few main areas of our research are green chemistry Biominetics, reaction dynamics, nano-chemistry, X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy, photo chemistry, computational chemistry, photo and pharmaceutical chemistry, chemo metrics, clinical biochemistry, molecular biology.

Socially relevant program among school children is annually given in the name of national science day and Charles Darwin’s day. Important events of oracle clinical, medical transcription and chemiformatics were the few organized by the department.


On completion of this course, students will have knowledge in

  • Electrochemical and concentration cells. Classical & modern batteries and fuel cells
  • Causes & effects of corrosion of metals and control of corrosion. Modification of surface properties of metals to develop resistance to corrosion, wear, tear, impact etc. by electroplating and electro less plating.
  • Production & consumption of energy for industrialization of country and living standards of people. Utilization of solar energy for different useful forms of energy.
  • Replacement of conventional materials by polymers for various applications. Boiler troubles, sewage treatment and desalination of sea water, and over viewing of synthesis, properties and applications of non-materials.
  • Handling different types of instruments for analysis of materials using small quantities of materials involved for quick and accurate results, and
  • Carrying out different types of titrations for estimation of concerned in materials using comparatively more quantities of materials involved for good results.


Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory


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RevanasiddapaK.C Revanasiddapa  Professor & HOD  33.08  M.Sc.,

[email protected]


Dr Niranjan EDr. Niranjan E

 Assistant Professor

2.07  M.Sc, Ph.D.,  [email protected]


B HarishB.Harish

Assistant Professor

 4.01  M.Sc.,  [email protected]


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