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Engineering Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1988. The department has highly qualified and well experienced faculty members with several research activates in the field of crystal growth, thin films, polymer conductivity, solar vacuum tube collections etc. The department handles applied physics subject for the B.E courses. The physics lab is well equipped to meet the requirements of B.E course in technical areas like material science, thermal properties of materials and optical properties. The experiments on LAZER are utilized to study the properties of optical fibers. Ultrasonic interference techniques are used to find compressibility of the liquids.


On Completion of this course, students are ale to

  • Gain knowledge about modern physics and quantum mechanics will update the basic concepts to implement the skills.
  • Study of material properties and their applications is the prime role to understand and use in engineering applications and studies.
  • Study of lasers and optical fibers and its applications are to import knowledge and to develop skills and to use modern instruments in the engineering applications.
  • Understand Crystal structure and applications are to boost the technical skills and its applications.
  • Expose shock waves concept and its application will bring latest technology to the students at the first year level to develop research orientation programs at higher semester level.
  • Develop skills to impart practical knowledge in real time solution.
  • Design new instruments with practical knowledge.
  • Gain knowledge of new concept in the solution of practical oriented problems and to understand more deep knowledge about the solution to theoretical problems.
  • Understand measurements technology, usage of new instruments and real time applications in engineering studies.
Physics Lab

Physics Lab


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01 B PuttappaB.Puttappa M.Sc 33.05 [email protected] 9448528722
02 Devika B GDevika.B.G M.Sc 9.00 [email protected] 9611991777
03 Shashidhar A PShashidhar. A.P M.Sc 5.07 [email protected] 9900480107


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01 Paramashivaiah A.J D.E.E 34.11
02 Jadiyappa. M 8th Std 35.01

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