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Language Lab

The aim of Language Lab is to augment LSRW and GV skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar, Vocabulary) through tests, activities, exercises etc., comprehensive web-based learning and assessment systems with the engineering subjects for the students.

Students who are weak in English communication skills – reading, writing and comprehension will be identified by the faculty who teach communication skills course and will be given assignment to work in language lab.

About Language Lab:

  • A language Laboratory is available at Institute level with 20  users.
  • The language lab software consists of the English module.

Course Learning Objectives:

The course will enable the students,

  • To implement English vocabulary at command and ensure language proficiency.
  • To achieve better Technical writing and Presentation skills.
  • Identify the common errors in speaking and writing English.
  • Acquire Employment and Workplace communication skills.

Course Outcomes:

On completion of the course, students will be able to,

CO 1: Identify common errors in spoken and written communication.

CO 2: Get familiarized with English vocabulary and language proficiency.

CO 3: Improve nature and style of sensible writing, acquire employment and workplace communication skills.

CO 4: Improve their Technical Communication Skills through Technical Reading and Writing practices.

CO 5: Perform well in campus recruitment, engineering and all other general competitive examinations.


Language Lab Coordinators:
Prof. Rajesh A M
Assistant professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Prof. Pavan Kumar D
Assistant professor,
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

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