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Reasearch & Development

Dr. H.R.Manohara 
Mechanical Engineering Department
Dean , R & D Centre
Mechanical Engineering Department
Co-ordinator, R & D Centre

 About SJMIT R&D

Research & Development Center is sponsored by the “VTU Research Grant” and “K-FIST” scheme by Vision Group on Science and Technology, Dept. of Science and technology, Govt. of Karnataka, actively engaging in Open Innovation through selective and deep research commitments. It operates by sharing resources, leveraging ideas to create vibrant innovation systems, multiply our efforts, enhance innovation speed and efficiency, and derive more value for our organization.In addition, the need of the hour is also to promote scientific research, to enhance the technical competence of our nation. So it aims to become a top center for learning and research, so that our organization can flourish as a place of knowledge.VisionEmpowering the students with the hands on experience in key technologies of current state of the art and research capabilities.MissionTo educate students in basic and advanced research areas to solve problems of society and to deliver solutions for various technologies related issues. 


  • Supporting and developing distinctive competencies of faculty members and student to build a new generation of researchers.
  • Transferring and appropriating modern technology to fit with the local environment, for the purpose of national development.
  • Linking research policies with goals of the universities and needs of society through providing advice and addressing problems through innovation and research.

Research & Development Committee


Sl.No. Name Designation Department Role
1 Dr. H R Manohara Professor and Dean R&D Mechanical Engineering Chairman
2 Dr. B.C. Shanthappa Principal Civil Engineering Advisor
3 Dr. N Jagannatha Professor & HOD Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Prof. K.B. Siddesh Asso.Prof. & HOD Electronics & Communication Engineering Member
5 Dr. B.G. Kumarswamy Professor & HOD Electrical & Electronics Engineering Member
6 Dr. Nagabhushan Professor & HOD Computer Science & Engineering Member
7 Dr. T.V. Aravinda Professor Computer Science & Engineering Member
8 Dr. K.R. Krishnareddy Professor Computer Science & Engineering Member
9 Dr. Lokesh H J Professor Mathematics Member
10 Dr. Niranjan E Professor Chemistry Member
11 Dr. P.B. Bharath Professor & HOD Automobile Engineering Member
12 Dr. A.M. Rajesh Professor Mechanical Engineering Member
13 Dr. Ganesh Kumar .k Professor Mathematics Member
14 Dr. Pavan Kumar .D Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering Member

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Facilities available

  • Heat treatment for metals
  • Non-ferrous melting up to 13000 C by induction and muffle furnace
  • Nonconventional Machining facilities like Electro Chemical Discharge Machining and Abrasive Hot Air Jet Machining
  • Machining of Glass and Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • High temperature wear tests
  • Image analyzer system
  • High precision weighing

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