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Students at SJMIT enjoy appropriate modern facilities, including Wi-Fi, smart boards and well equipped laboratories. This allows us to help you become an independent, lifelong learner as well as allowing for a variety of teaching and learning methodologies in the classroom and off-campus.

Engaging with Industry

Research at SJMIT creates new knowledge and imparts excitement and dynamism to the educational process. The approach of linking institute-based researchers with industrial partners to undertake innovative, industry-driven research has attracted considerable funding and contributed to the future growth of the institute. Advisory groups, such as the Industry Advisory Group/Industry Interaction Group and Alumni help maintain SJMIT’s engagement with industry. Over the years, SJMIT has become a hallmark of quality teaching and learning in Karnataka.

Offering Value-Added Education

We take a pride in developing all aspects of a student’s personality through a wide range of creative activities, cultural functions and active games and sports. In addition, continuous Personality Development Program (PDP) in each semester helps and enhances your soft skills and employability prospects.

Recreational Facilities

The college boasts many areas for students to enjoy their free time, including multi-cuisine canteen, coffee longue, juice parlor, bakery, students recreation center, students activity center, and department clubs. These facilities and learning hubs offer a unique chance for students to share ideas over a cup of coffee.

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