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Cultural Cell

Cultural activities are an integral part of student’s college curriculum. Students participate in cultural activities for a wide variety of reasons: for enjoyment and entertainment, for personal growth and development, as a means of expression, to learn new skills, to meet new people and to pass on cultural tradition. SJM Institute of Technology has a rich heritage of nurturing, nourishing and showcasing talents in the cultural, and other activities.


The main objective  is to bring out the multi faceted potentials of students.

  • To provide a platform for budding artists and musicians.
  • To be a catalyst for overall personality development of students in grooming them for their future career and life.
  • To imbibe in the students team spirit and harmony.
  • Bring out the students hidden leadership and organizational qualities.

Motivation to the Students

  • SJMIT motivates students by giving full support (financially and academically) for participation in national and international events.
  • It supports to organize / conduct several events every year in the college campus.
  • It gives infrastructural support by way of providing instruments and other needs.
  • Spoorthi is  an annual Cultural Event of 3 days.

Functions of the Cell

  • Conduct various cultural programmes in the college.
  • To contribute in developing the artistic talents of students by giving opportunities to exhibit their talents in the form of intra and inter College cultural festivals.
  • To provide a platform for students to go beyond their academic quest and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities.
  • To bring limelight to the hidden talent of the students.To screen the talents of the students and allow them to participate in Competitions.
  • To document the achievements of our college team.

Events in “Spoorthi”

  • Group and Solo Dance, Group and Solo Singing, Skits, Mad-ads and Rangoli.
  • College also Celebrates Spoorthi every year and participate in Inter-Institutional Activities. Our College Students have successfully won the  trophy every year.
  • Department Level activities are held once in a semester like rangoli, quiz, singing during festival celebrations.
  • Department celebrates all festivals ethnically to promote and maintains ethnicity among students who are away from home and staying at hostel.
  • Furnish the details of major student achievements in co- curricular, extracurricular and cultural activities at different levels: University / State / Zonal / National etc. for the previous four years.
  • Our students are actively participating  different activities.They  have  participated in many national and inter collegiate competitions and also have won many. Our students have been in the college cricket & volleyball teams and have participated in many tournaments; including organized by VTU.
Cultural Cell Committee
Name Designation
Dr.B C Shanthappa
Chief Coordinator
Prof. Sridhar
Asst.Prof, (E & C)
Prof. Gururaj T
Asst.Prof, (CS & E)
Prof. HanumantheGowda
Asst.Prof, (E & C)
Mrs. Sushmitha Deb
Asst.Prof, (E & E)
Ms. Nandini
Asst.Prof, (E & C)
Mrs. Basanthakumari
Asso.Prof, (CS & E)
Dr. H.R Manohara
Professor  and  Dean,  ( R & D )
Faculty Member
Prof. C.H. Halaswamy
Professor & Head, (CIVIL)
Faculty Member
Prof. Poral Nagaraj
Professor & Dean, ( Academics)
Faculty Member
Prof. Sridhar
Professor & Head (MECH)
Faculty Member
Prof. Rajanna G S
Professor & Head, (E & C)
Faculty Member
Dr. Kumara swamy B.G
Professor & Head, ( E & E)
Faculty Member
Prof. P.B.Bharath
Professor & Head, (AUTO)
Faculty Member
Dr. Nagabhushan
Professor & Head, (CS & E)
Faculty Member
Student Co-ordinators Student Members

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