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Welcome to the Home page of ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, an enthusiastic volunteer organization which plays a major role in building long lasting relationships with your college mates & the college you have studied in.

The alumni association is very active in promoting interactions and camaraderie among the alumni, staff and the management. Besides helping the alumni in all possible ways, it also lends its support to the college to achieve its cherished goals, its vision and mission.

SJM Institute of Technology  takes great pleasure in forming an active Alumni Network. The aim of this platform is to facilitate easy communication among SJMIT  alumni. This surely will provide you an opportunity to review contact & enlarge it both from personal & professional point of view.

The association is committed to serve & unite the ALUMNI for the purpose of advancing the interests of  SJM Institute of Technology  & its ALUMNI. The association will gather the news about its members periodically & pass it on to all the members. It will keep track of Promotions, change of employment, wedding bells ringing & also sweet cries of infant born.

Objectives of the association:

  • Expanding & updating the database of ALUMNI.
  • Providing the alumni the information about the programs & events conducted in the college.
  • To bring together the ALUMNI of the college by arranging frequent meetings.
  • To assist in campus recruitment, suitable placements & training for the students.
  • To setup guidance cell to aid present & past students.
  • To promote fellow feeling among ALUMNI.

Every year an ALUMNI MEET is conducted to bring together the ALUMNI of the college.


An alumni database has been maintained at present in which almost all the alumni have registered as life time members.


The website has been exclusively provided with online registration form for alumni. Click Here for Registration.

ALUMNI REPORT  <–Click Here to View

We see our success in the success of our past students who are nurturing various industries with high profile. SJMIT currently has a database 1000 alumni. Knowing about each other always helps in different ways. SJMIT arranges different gatherings such that alumni can share the experience in this fast changing world by having nostalgic feelings for SJMIT.

President: Umesh V Thuppad
Secretary: Prof. Tharesh S
Coordinator: Prof. Shivakumar S P
1. Dr. H R Manohar
Professor Dept of Mechanical Engineering, SJMIT,Chitradurga.
2. Riyaz R Rehman
3. Dr. Basava T
Professor and Dean (Academic), SDM Ujire.
4. Dr. Devarajaiah R M
Professor and Dean (Academic), Acharya Institute of Technology.
5. Dr. S Murali
Founder, MIT, Musuru.
6. Dr. Shivaprasad(Guli)
Industialist, Malebennuru.
7. Omkar G Kotre
Industrialist, Bengaluru.
8. Jagadeesh B V
Ex-Engineer, KEB, Bengaluru.
9. Dr. B G Kumarswamy
Professor and Head, Dept of Electrical Engineering, SJMIT, Chitradurga.


Departmental Coordinators
1. Prof. Gururaj T(Dept of CS & E)
2. Prof. Yashwanth J (Dept of Civil)
3. Prof. S N Sridhar (Dept of E& C)
4. Prof. Madhu K C (Dept of Mec)
5. Prof. Prabhuswamuy (Dept of Auto)
6. Prof. Vani (Dept of E& E)

For SJMIT Alumni association details, contact:

Prof. Shivakumar S P
Associate Professor, Dept of Automobile Engineering
SJMIT, Chitradurga-2
Email: [email protected]
Mob: 9986071267

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